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Fashion Services

You will discover that SynSha Fashion service pays for itself by creating a new level of self-confidence which invites greater personal and professional success. Plus, it means no more money wasted buying clothes that don't fit and you’ll never wear! Contact me about my fashion services. **Full payment required upon booking. 
Additional time may be NEGOTIABLE based on my availability and must be booked in ADVANCE! 

 "Wardrobe and Closet Revamping" 
 Do you spend too much time in your closet? Do you have too many clothes and nothing to wear? Yeah, that sounds familiar! Pieces you love but not sure how to coordinate them? Need an objective eye to help you toss that old blazer that cost a fortune but you just don't wear anymore? Need determination in getting rid of your 'skinny' clothes? Need assistance with styling the lovely pieces you currently have? Let me help you revamp your wardrobe and make putting an outfit together a morning thrill rather than a dreaded necessity.

"Fashion Tuning"
 Have you ever had a moment when you experienced a fashion block? Do you have a need to define different sets of clothing for the different parts of your life? For work, play, night life? Do you know what looks good on you? Do you know how to match your shoes with your outfit? Do you have the basic essentials in your wardrobe or just a mixed mash of things? Do you know how to get the most out of your jewelry, scarves, hair accessories and lipsticks? Let me help you establish a look and learn how to put it together and cultivate longevity. When you are in doubt, just call me! 

 "Personal Shopping" 
 After you've started to get a handle on what looks good, what you need to get rid of, and what you may still need to buy, let me help you learn how to shop‚ wisely and efficiently. You can learn how to shop for only exactly what you need and for items that will last for your wardrobe over the years. Shopping is a skill and there is a lot you can learn that can make it a far more rewarding and less exasperating experience. Once you learn the basics understanding of what looks best on you and what kind of look you want to cultivate, you'll have a skill to last you a lifetime. But should you only need an objective eye and a little advice, unmotivated by commissions once in a while, I can continue to help you on seasonal excursions as well as event-based shopping.